Emmerdale fans applaud Ryan Hawley and Danny Miller in Robron scenes

Robert confessed his one-night stand with Rebecca to partner Aaron in Thursday's Emmerdale fans in scenes which drew lavish praise from fans

Emmerdale fans were bowled over by the acting talents of two of their favourite characters in Thursday night’s episodes.

The double instalment from the Dales-set ITV soap finally saw Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) admit to his husband Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) that he had cheated on him while Aaron was in prison.

Robron had a heart to heart (Amy Brammall/ITV)


Robert’s one-night stand with his ex Rebecca White (Emily Head) resulted in a pregnancy, although they have not yet discovered that Rebecca did not go ahead with her planned abortion and is keeping the baby.

Fans, who have dubbed the couple Robron, praised the acting and writing that featured in the emotional scenes.


Regular viewers could not speak highly enough of how well they felt the episodes had been handled.


But others admitted they found it heavy viewing.


The long-running storyline has also included Aaron suffering homophobic bullying while in prison and seeking counselling to deal with the trauma of having been abused by his father.

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