Emmerdale’s Laura ‘too young’ to be Amy’s mum

Emmerdale star Laura Norton says she’s too young to be Amy Wyatt’s mum.

The actress plays the tearaway teen’s mother Kerry Wyatt, a reckless woman who put Amy up for adoption when she was a teenager herself. But Laura is only eight years older than 21-year-old Chelsea Halfpenny, who plays Amy.

Laura told Daybreak: “If I had given birth to her in real life, it would have been when I was eight-years-old… Have a think about that one!”

Since Kerry arrived in the village last summer, the actresses have always said they are more like friends than mother and daughter off screen. And now they are going on a wild girlie holiday to Ibiza.

Laura revealed: “We just instantly hit it off. We’ve got exactly the same work ethic, we’ve got the same sense of humour, we’re both very passionate about the characters in the show.

“We’re going to Ibiza. It’s really worrying actually! [We’re going] with Isabel Hodgins, who plays Victoria Sugden. There’s going to be a few interesting stories when we come back!”

Speaking about her character, Laura laughed: “She’s a liability! In the first episode that I was in, Chelsea Halfpenny – who plays my on-screen daughter – described her as a ‘train crash on legs.'”


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