Emmerdale’s Laura: ‘Kerry loses everyone!’

Actress Laura Norton reveals to Soaplife how Kerry goes on another bender and nearly kills Sarah and Jack – and herself in Emmerdale. But this time no one comes to her pity party…

Kerry’s already drunk when Debbie leaves her kids with her. Why has she been hitting the bottle?
“Even though she wants to believe that Amy threw herself at Andy when they kissed, deep down she’s not convinced and she’s been drowning her sorrows. Kerry agrees to look after the kids because she thinks Andy will love her for it.”

But he’s not going to love her for what happens next!
“Kerry’s had a lot to drink and is getting in a state because Andy is annoyed with her and hasn’t answered her messages. She lies on the sofa having a drink and a fag then she falls over and kind of passes out with a lit cigarette in her hand.”

It’s Sarah who goes to the pub to raise the alarm and baby Jack is only just rescued…
“Kerry wakes up to hear Amy and Andy screaming her name and trying to get to her. She thinks she nearly died and people will feel sorry for her.”

But people realise it was her who started the fire…
“Kerry fights it and says it maybe wasn’t her fault, that any number of things could have started the fire. Finally, though, she realises she’s in big trouble – with Andy and Amy.”

And Debbie!
“Andy throws Kerry out, then Debbie sees her and completely goes for her. Kerry’s on the floor, crying that Debbie can do what ever she likes to her, that it doesn’t really matter, that she doesn’t care any more. Then a genuine apology starts to come from her and she feels terrible and very remorseful about everything she’s done.”

Does she think Amy will take pity on her?
“Yeah – because she has in the past. They’ve kind of fallen into this scenario of Kerry doing something wrong and apologising, and then Amy kind of being the parent and saying, ‘Don’t do it again’. But this time, Amy walks away from her.”

Would Kerry be able to accept it if Andy and Amy were to get together?
“No! For Andy to not only pick another girl over her, but for that girl to be her own daughter would be her worst possible scenario. It would just finish her off.”


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