Emmerdale’s Laura: ‘Kerry leaves the kids home alone!’

Emmerdale’s Laura Norton reveals to Soaplife how Kerry’s bad old ways return and she leaves Sarah and Jack home alone. That put them at risk – and her relationship with Andy!

So it seems Kerry is crazy about Andy, but not so crazy about looking after his kids, Sarah and Jack…
“She’s never before had a man in her life who treats her as well as Andy does and I think she’ll do anything in her power to hang on to him. The fact that she’s getting sick of looking after his kids is a separate issue.”

Why doesn’t she tell Andy this?
“She’s not a natural mother type, but she doesn’t want to admit that because it’s not nice, is it, to think those things about yourself?”

So Andy has no idea that Kerry isn’t happy looking after Jack and Sarah?
“No. Kerry’s been doing all she can to make sure that when either Andy or Amy is around she’s showing them how fantastic with kids she is. So everyone thinks she’s brilliant with the kids and loves looking after them!”

Then she leaves them home alone? Why?
“Kerry wants to be out, having fun and drinks. The first time it happens she just pops out to get some cigarettes and thinks, ‘They’re in bed and I’ll only be a few minutes.'”

But she returns to find Sarah out of bed…
“Baby Jack’s crying and Sarah has called for Kerry, but got no answer. To calm the baby down, she decides to do what she’s seen her parents do and prepare some milk for him. There’s a pan of boiling water on the stove and Sarah’s just about to drop a bottle of milk in it when Kerry walks back in. Afterwards she feels completely guilty as she realises what might have happened if she hadn’t returned when she did.”

But her first concern is to make sure Sarah doesn’t tell Andy…
“Kerry feels she’s got too much to lose. In the moment she just thinks ‘I’ll never do it again and the best thing to do is to pretend it never happened’. She says to Sarah that they’ll have a little pact not to say anything, it’ll be their secret.”

But Amy finds out from Sarah and confronts Kerry…
“At first Kerry’s defensive, then she tries to brush it off as no big deal. But she’s not surprised by Amy’s reaction. Kerry and Amy have never settled with each other, and Kerry’s constantly on eggshells with her daughter.’

So will Kerry tell Andy the truth?
“No! She’s not going to risk losing Andy!”


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