Emmerdale’s Barton brothers reveal oddball fan mail

Emmerdale‘s Michael Parr and Anthony Quinlan have been spooked by some ominous fan mail requests sent to the soap’s set.

The lads, who play Barton brothers Ross and Pete, told Inside Soap magazine how they and Joe Gill, who plays their younger brother Finn, were all sent playing cards in the post.

Mike revealed: “There have been no knickers so far – the postman must be on strike!

“We had a weird one the other day. I got sent the six of spades, Anthony got the six of hearts and Joe got the six of diamonds, all to be signed and sent back – three sixes!”

Anthony added: “That was moody!”

The actor, who played barman Gilly Roach in E4 soap Hollyoaks for six years until 2011, revealed he once had an embarrassing encounter with a fan he recognised because she had sent him a saucy photo.

Anthony said: “When I was in Hollyoaks this girl sent me a picture of herself in lingerie and a letter that started, ‘I don’t usually do this, but…’ She left her number, but I never got in touch.

“Then a couple of years later I saw her out in Manchester! I did a double take, and thought ‘I know you!’

“At first she just walked past, but then she came and asked for a photo and I agreed because I’m such a gentleman!”