Emmerdale’s Laura: ‘Kerry’s a real victim this time’

Laura Norton tells Soaplife how Kerry and Dan find their romance on the rocks when Kerry’s accused of stealing in Emmerdale! Dan thinks she’s guilty but, for once, she’s innocent…

Kerry really does like Dan, doesn’t she?
“She’s fallen for him and her feelings are genuine. At first there was an element of rebound because she was so in love with Andy, but Dan showed her so much kindness and she’s so relaxed with him. And he was attracted to her for the person she is.”

Why is Kerry so keen to organise a fundraiser for Brenda?
“She wants to be seen to be doing something good. She puts on this table football tournament at Home Farm and manages to pull it off. She’s chief cheerleader waving her pom-poms and everyone turns up. She is really pleased.”

But not for long… What goes wrong?
“Kerry has picked up that Sean is not happy about Dan seeing her and is desperate to get the lad to like her. But he is not having it and Kerry reaches boiling point. She snaps and grabs Sean’s arm in front of Dan. He has a go at her and she storms off.”

And knocks over the charity bucket…
“As she is putting the money back in it, she considers stealing it for a nanosecond. But she doesn’t. However, Sean tells everyone she pocketed some of the cash. She is devastated… this is the one and only time she has been accused of something she didn’t do.”

And Dan believes Sean…
“That hurts Kerry. It feeds into her insecurity and she starts to think that maybe she and Dan aren’t going to work out after all.”

But then Kerry becomes Sean’s hero! How does that happen?
“She sees him having an argument with Robbie and storms over and deals with it. Then she cleans a cut on Sean’s hand and when Dan comes back, he thinks that Sean gave Robbie a hiding and Kerry keeps quiet and lets him take the credit.”

Then she packs her bags to leave?
“Yes… but just as she is leaving the house, Sean comes clean and says that Kerry didn’t steal the money and Dan chases after her and stops her from leaving. I think it shows that they will bring out both amazing and ridiculous qualities in each other.”

Would you like to see them make it work?
“I do feel they are going to fall madly in love. I think viewers are rooting for them, too. I’d love it if they got married, it would be like a big fat gypsy wedding type of thing. I dread to think what Kerry’s dress would be like!”


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