Emmerdale’s Anthony Quinlan: ‘Pete and Debbie have a moment, next thing they’re kissing!’

Emmerdale’s Anthony Quinlan reveals the moment that Pete Barton gets up close and personal with Debbie…

So… Pete fancies Debbie?
“She’s bolshy, independent and attractive – it’s not hard to see why Pete has fallen for her.”

Is he the good guy in the Barton family?
“He is the good guy, Ross is the bad guy and Finn is the educated guy. There is a tendency for Pete to come off the rails, like he did with the drugs, but he did it for the right reasons, if there is such a thing.”

Does he hit Ross in front of Debbie for the right reasons?
“Pete is walking through the village on his way to a meeting with a supplier and sees what he thinks is an altercation between Debbie and Ross. He steps in and tries to be the hero, but he gets shot down by Ross. A few things are said and Pete doesn’t take to it kindly so he hits Ross. Ross really knows how to get under Pete’s skin.”

What happens after the fight?
“Ross sets it up so that Pete’s car breaks down on the way to his meeting. Debbie turns up in the recovery truck and they have a slight moment. Debbie realises she is attracted to Pete and, the next thing, they are in each other’s arms kissing…”

He’s fast! Does Pete know the Debbie and Cameron history?
“It’s common knowledge in the village that she went through a traumatic experience with Cameron. It is really heavy, but that doesn’t bother Pete. What does is the fact that Debbie keeps blowing hot and cold…”


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