Emmerdale chief ‘wants Norris Cole’ in the Dales

Emmerdale producer Stuart Blackburn has said that he would love to see Coronation Street busybody Norris Cole and EastEnders‘ Dot Cotton to appear in the soap.

Speaking to Inside Soap magazine, Stuart suggested the two beloved soap characters – played by Malcolm Hebden and June Brown respectively – should appear in the village for a crossover, and that it would shake things up among the current residents.

“I adore Norris, and I’d love to bring Dot and Edna together, because despite being superficially similar, I think they’d hate each other,” he said.

“They’d probably each describe the other as sanctimonious and po-faced!”

Stuart also revealed that he is planning some strong 2012 storylines for Emmerdale to coincide with its 40th anniversary.

“We’re hoping to do something very different that redefines our new, modern Emmerdale. I want every story we play to be big, powerful and emotional,” he told the magazine.

“I want to try to find a way of giving every single character a voice and a role. I want 2012 to have the best storylines the show has ever had. That’s a start – and the rest will be unveiled shortly!”

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