‘The darker side of Robert could resurface,’ says Emmerdale’s Ryan Hawley, as Robert betrays Aaron with Rebecca

Is Robert and Aaron’s marriage over already when Robert betrays him with Rebecca? Ryan Hawley tells Soaplife what happens…

Robert Sugden was full of promises when he exchanged wedding rings with Aaron Dingle, but he’s starting to crack now the pressure’s on. On discovering his other half is taking drugs while he’s in prison, Robert promptly turns to Rebecca White and tries it on with her. “He wants to offload his frustration onto someone,” Ryan Hawley tells Soaplife. “He texts Rebecca and makes a stupid mistake.”

So Robert’s not coping with Aaron being locked up?
“He’s struggling. He’s taking care of Aaron’s half-sister, Liv Flaherty [Isobel Steele], on his own, plus he’s got to look after the scrapyard and work on Aaron’s appeal. He’s starting to feel out of his depth.”

Then Liv reveals Aaron’s on drugs…
“And Robert’s shocked. What’s worse is that Aaron didn’t tell him. Robert goes straight to the prison to confront Aaron to see what he’s got to say about it. He makes out he doesn’t know, but he’s angry when Aaron [Danny Miller] lies and he eventually reveals he knows the truth. Robert’s worried that Aaron’s got himself into something that may jeopardise his appeal.”

But why try it on with Rebecca (Emily Head)?
“He leaves the prison feeling betrayed and hurt. Rebecca’s been a friend to him, so he texts her. Robert has a bit of a drunken rant, then he tries to kiss her… but she pushes him away.”

And he stops?
“You’ll have to wait and see…”

Where does this leave “Robron”?
“Robert loves Aaron and he wants to be with him no matter what. I think he’s acting out of shock. After everything they’ve been through, Aaron should be able to confide in him about the trouble he’s having in prison.”

Could this mark the return of “evil” Robert?
“There’s always a chance that the darker side of Robert will resurface, particularly when he isn’t with Aaron.”

Emmerdale, ITV

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