‘Dan’s not sure he can ever trust Kerry again,’ says Emmerdale’s Liam Fox

Emmerdale’s Liam Fox reveals to Soaplife how Kerry’s dream wedding turns into a big fat wedding day disaster, complete with Kerry’s arrest…

After the stag do, Dan catches his wayward brother Daz kissing Kerry and goes AWOL on the morning of the nuptials, leaving his distraught bride wondering if he’ll show up. “After what happened with Ali and then Chas, Dan can’t bear the thought of it all going wrong a third time and he doesn’t know if he can go through the wedding,” says Liam.

First, the wedding’s nearly off after Dan called Kerry a bad mum…
“Dan regretted that straight away. It was one of those heat-of-the-moment things and when she reacted with upset it really got to him. They agree that the wedding is still on as they go on the stag and hen dos – where I am wearing a dress for the third time this year!”

Then the wedding is jeopardised again. How?
“Dan sees Daz with Kerry and he is putting lips on her. It’s Daz going for Kerry, but Dan’s not entirely sure what’s really happening. He blows his top. Even though, deep down, he knows Daz [Mark Jordon] is trouble, he can’t be 100 per cent sure it’s nothing to do with Kerry. Does he really want to marry somebody he has just caught with his brother?”

What does Kerry have to say?
“She convinces Dan that it was Daz who tried it on. She tells him she loves him and is trying to be honest about what happened.”

So what does Dan decide to do?
“His head is all over the place. He doesn’t know what to do. It ends up with Kerry waiting at the church, not convinced that Dan will join her. He’s in his wedding suit, but he’s not sure he can ever trust Kerry again. Also, can he trust his brother around her again? He doesn’t know which way to turn.”

You mean he might jilt Kerry at the altar?
“Yes. It’s 50-50 as to whether or not he will go through with the wedding. “

We know Kerry’s arrested. What’s that about?
“You’ll have to wait and see, but while Dan’s at the police station, he hears that Daz has a criminal record.  He finds out that he got somebody to rob David’s shop so that he could sell him security equipment for a few grand.”

Do you want Dan and Kerry to tie the knot?
“I’d be upset if their relationship were to end. It’s magic. I feel blessed and I love working with Laura Norton [who plays Kerry]. She is always on the button and we have got a kind of telepathic connection when we’re filming.”

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