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Soap Awards: Danny Miller – ‘Emmerdale’s just as strong as last year. I don’t see why we won’t do it again’ (VIDEO)

A British Soap Awards red carpet interview with the actor who plays Aaron Dingle in the hit soap

Emmerdale star Danny Miller told What’s on TV before the announcement that he didn’t see any reason why his ITV soap wouldn’t again win Best Soap at the British Soap Awards.

He said: “I think at Emmerdale we’re a part of that and I think particularly in the last 18 months, you know with John Middleton (Ashley) and the whole dementia storyline and myself with all those storylines and also Zoe Henry (Rhona) and Jonathan Wrather (Pierce), who are here tonight, playing amazing stories and stories that need telling. So year I think we’re just as storng as last year so I don’t see why we can’t do it again.”

Read about Emmerdale’s six honours at last night’s British Soap Awards here.

Danny missed out on another Best Actor award, and commented that he had no idea what to expect next from his damaged character, Aaron Dingle.

“I don’t think I know, I don’t think they know…” he said. “Obviously it’s all just come out with Robert and Rebecca so he’s in quite a difficult place psychologically. He’s said to Robert I’ll work on it, because of what Rebecca said to him. But yeah it’s interesting to see where he’ll go, but I don’t actually know where he is at the minute.”

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