Aaron Dingle is living a prison horror story!

Aaron Dingle is in prison for 12 months for attacking Kasim in Emmerdale. His sentence gets off to a terrible start as he's taunted and attacked by fellow inmate Jason.

Aaron Dingle has started his 12-month jail sentence for attacking Kasim in Emmerdale. And it’s not going well. When his partner Robert visits, Aaron struggles to hide his feelings of panic and fear – and to hide their relationship from onlookers.

Next up on the visitor list is Chas, who’s seriously worried when she clocks her son, who has a history of self-harming. Later, in his cell, Aaron’s cornered by the prison’s ‘top dog’ who’s uncovered his link to paedophile Gordon Livesy, Aaron’s father, who committed suicide inside.

Already under extreme emotional stress, how will Aaron cope with the mention of his dad, who abused him as a child? Is Aaron about to get another pasting?