Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie are back at EastEnders and share an on-set selfie

Kat and Alfie Moon are heading back to Walford for Christmas – and Jessie Wallace has shared a photo of her and Shane Richie back on the EastEnders set and back in character.

Jessie, who has played Eastenders’ Kat since 2000, treated fans to a selfie of her and Shane, who have returned to take part in some explosive festive drama.

Alfie previously had a penchant for garishly-patterned shirts, but in this shot he’s donned a suit and tie – while Jessie is formal in a smart red jacket and gold necklace.


The actress posed for the pic with her on-screen parter, adding: “Kat&AlfieForever”.

Shane, who joined EastEnders in 2002, replied with a photo of an elderly couple, joking that it was Kat and Alfie in 2045.

The Moons left the show in May after a lucky £1 million win on a scratch card, jetting off to Spain.

The Moon family at Christmas in 2014

The Moon family at Christmas in 2014 (Nicky Johnston/BBC)


But their return this Christmas is unlikely to be smooth. Fans will find out whether Alfie has been brave enough to tell his wife that he is suffering from a brain tumour.

There is also the issue of how Kat will deal with the revelation that she had an unknown son – a twin brother to Zoe – who was born in a nunnery in 1984.

Jessie Wallace as Kat Moon

Jessie Wallace as Kat Moon (Nicky Johnston/BBC)


Alfie and Kat are only temporarily back in Walford, but their return paves the way for a unique six-part spin-off series due to screen in 2016, in which the couple will visit Ireland.


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