EastEnders preview: ‘What if I’m different?’ Dean asks Linda – then rapes her (VIDEO)

It’s happened again…In Friday night’s dramatic EastEnders, Shirley (Linda Henry) abandoned Dean, even though he begged her not to.

Shirley had to run after shooting Phil (Steve McFadden) and Dean wanted to run with her, but she left without him and he’s devastated.

Bitter, confused and angry, Dean (Matt Di Angelo) will turn to Linda, who tries to comfort him.

“Just think,” she says, “in a year from now you might be all settled down with a girl you want to marry.”

“And what if I’m not?” Dean demands. “What if I’m different to everyone else? What if I don’t get to have that stuff… family, people who love you?”

“You already do!” Linda (Kellie Bright) says. “You’re part of this family.”

But Dean’s working himself up into a terrible state… and we know he’s going to inflict unimaginable horror on Linda.

Watch a clip from Monday’s gripping episode here.

EastEnders, BBC1, Monday, October 6, 8.00pm.

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