Some viewers brand the EastEnders bus crash ‘poor taste’

EastEnders' bus crash has been praised for its drama by many viewers, but Ofcom has received complaints that it was insensitive following recent events

The broadcasting watchdog Ofcom is considering whether to investigate following complaints that a bus crash on EastEnders mirrored recent terrorist attacks.

The terrifying incident left several characters in the soap fighting for their lives.

Lacey Turner on EastEnders (BBC)
Lacey Turner on EastEnders (BBC)


Some compared it to the Berlin attack, when 12 people died after a lorry was driven into a Christmas market in December.

Regulator Ofcom said it received 29 complaints about Tuesday night’s scenes on BBC1 and is assessing them before deciding whether to investigate.

Viewers objected to the storyline, which saw a bus crashing in Albert Square after the driver had a heart attack, saying it was insensitive in the light of real-life incidents of vehicles being deliberately driven into crowds.

A spokeswoman for the soap previously said: “EastEnders is a fictional drama and the crash was not based on any real-life event. We are always mindful of the content within our episodes.”

Actor Jake Wood, who plays Max Branning in the soap, thanked fans on Twitter following the episode.


Fans of the show were divided over the storyline on social media.

Some also praised the show, with one viewer commenting:

Tuesday night’s episode saw the cast dealing with the aftermath of the crash and fans have been speculating about whether or not a major character will be killed off.

A possible death aside, viewers were also quick to point out the length of time it took for emergency services to arrive at the scene.

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