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Show-runner Dominic Treadwell-Collins: ‘Redwater is a new genre of telly’ (VIDEO)

Former EastEnders producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins says Redwater could be the start of a new genre. You'll see Kat and Alfie in a whole new light...

Former Eastenders producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins says his new BBC1 drama Kat & Alfie: Redwater is something to get excited about; in fact, it’s a new genre of TV.

The show starts tonight on BBC1 at 8pm and sees classic EastEnders characters Kat and Alfie Moon travel to Ireland in search of Kat’s long lost son. But… Dominic, who exec produced it, believed the drama was more than an EastEnders spin-off.

In an exclusive interview with What’s On TV, Dominic said: “It has a foot in EastEnders but it is something very different. It is something that has not been done before – soap characters in a mainstream drama. And I think it works.”

He added: “It is maybe a new genre of telly.”

Dominic says Redwater’s brilliance was all down to the work of writer Vicky Wharton, the directors, writers and crew. He said: “I am happy to have been a part of it.”

Redwater shows a different side to Kat and Alfie’s relationship. The couple have done all the screaming and arguing and now the audience can be reassured that the couple love each other and are staying together. Redwater sees the couple more united than ever.

Dominic said this was important for the new drama. Kat and Alfie are there to support one another while lots of crazy things unfold around them – ‘you need them to pull against each other but still be united,’ he added.

Unlike the hectic EastEnders schedule Dominic said it was great to have a slower pace in Redwater. The slower pace does not mean the drama is less intense. Dominic said: “We have still got ‘doof doofs’ and ‘hooks’ taking you through.”

Who knows how series one will end, but Dominic hopes the BBC commission a second series. Maybe EastEnders Mick and Linda will take a trip over the pond to join Kat and Alfie in Redwater…?

Dominic would love Mick and Linda to have a similar spin off experience to Kat and Alfie. He said: “Oh I would love that…They don’t have the history, as much history, as Kat and Alfie, but I could watch Kellie Bright and Danny Dyer every day of the week.”

He added: “I have always, I just think they are brilliant; their chemistry together is just gorgeous. And yeah you can see Mick and Linda on the Costa del Sol.”

Kat & Alfie: Redwater premieres on BBC1, Thursday, May 18, 8pm.

Interview by Nick Cannon


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