Christmas horror! EastEnders’ Stacey runs after discovering her new lover Dean is a rapist!

One minute Stacey (Lacey Turner) thinks Dean (Matt Di Angelo) is the best thing to happen to her since she got out of prison, the next she can’t get away from him fast enough.

Stacey looks positively disgusted – and no wonder! She’s worked out that Dean raped Linda (Kellie Bright)!

Stacey and Linda have become mates and Stacey’s noticed that Linda isn’t happy around Dean. They get talking and Stacey tells her what Archie Mitchell did to her. It’s all too much for Linda… She doesn’t say anything to Stacey but she doesn’t have to: the look on her face says it all.

Stacey puts two and two together and comes up with a good reason to get as far away from Dean as possible.

Dean doesn’t understand…at first. Then he realises that Stacey and Linda have been talking – about him.

Can Stacey get away from angry Dean? And can Linda keep her secret from Mick (Danny Dyer) any longer?

Watch EastEnders on BBC1, Tuesday, December 23, 7.30pm 


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