Denise gives birth in EastEnders!

Denise Fox has a VERY bumpy week in EastEnders, but finally gives birth to Phil's baby...

The New Year hasn’t exactly been fun for Denise Fox in EastEnders. She’s pregnant with Phil’s baby, contemplating giving the child up for adoption, and more than ready to give birth.

When Carmel throws her a baby shower this week, Denise shuts down the festivities with barely the crack of a smile. Her week deteriorates further when daughter Libby makes a surprise visit with the intent of staying for her sibling’s birth.

Later in the week, the Minute Mart manager finally gets some good news, when she finds out she’s to be induced. She heads to The Vic for Italian Night and shares her news with everyone. But after a week of her own revelations, Shirley has a very difficult question for Denise…

It’s not long before the big day arrives for Denise, and Patrick goes with her to the hospital. Her half-sister Kim shows up and things get a little emotional for the mum-to-be. She’s yet to fully decide what she wants to do when it comes to the adoption. Will she go through with it? Or will her newborn win her heart?