The World’s Top 10 BBC Characters REVEALED

The BBC has conducted a comprehensive poll to find out which of their characters are the most popular OUTSIDE the United Kingdom...

Basil Fawlty, Hyacinth Bucket and the Vicar of Dibley are among the world’s most loved BBC television characters, a survey has revealed.

BBC Worldwide polled more than 7,000 18 to 64-year-olds from seven countries including Australia, France, the US and Japan in the public vote, with Sherlock coming out on top.

Here are the top 10 of the world’s most loved BBC characters.

1. Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock) 29.7%

Benedict's Sherlock (BBC)
Sherlock (BBC)

2. The Doctor (Doctor Who) 17.6%

The tardis
Doctor Who (Yui Mok/PA)


3. DCI John Luther (Luther) 12.4%

Idris Elba
Idris Elba in Luther (BBC)


4. Basil Fawlty (Fawlty Towers) 11.8%

Basil Fawlty
John Cleese as Basil and Andrew Sachs as Manuel (PA)

5. The Stig (Top Gear) 8.2%

The Stig
The Stig (Andrew Matthews/PA)


6. Patsy Stone (Absolutely Fabulous) 8.1%

Patsy and Edina
Joanna Lumley as Patsy Stone alongside co-star Jennifer Saunders as Edina (PA)


7. Edmund Blackadder (Blackadder) 7.4%

Rowan Atkinson as Edmund Blackadder and Tony Robinson as Baldrick in Blackadder (PA)


8. Hyacinth Bucket (Keeping Up Appearances) 6.1%

Patricia Routledge
Patricia Routledge who starred as Hyacinth Bucket in Keeping Up Appearances (Ian West/PA)


9. Geraldine Granger (The Vicar Of Dibley) 5.8%

Vicar of Dibley
Dawn French as the Vicar of Dibley (BBC/PA)


10. The Daleks (Doctor Who) 5.6%

The Daleks (BBC)


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