Is Leanne about to twig Peter’s with Toyah?

It's a bad week for a broody Toyah when she learns that Peter doesn't want children with her, and Leanne walks in on them together...

Toyah’s torn when her husband, Toby, informs her that the fertility clinic are asking what they want to do with her frozen embryos, and he wants to give their relationship another chance in Corrie.

She was pinning her hopes on playing happy families with lover Peter, but he leaves her devastated when he tells her he doesn’t want any more kids. When Peter finds out about Toyah’s secret IVF attempts, he begins to wonder what other lies she’s told him. And when Leanne walks in on the couple together, it throws their whole relationship into chaos.

Will Leanne put two and two together and realise her sister is having an affair with her ex?