Have Eileen and Steph both been ditched?!

Phelan and Andy get into a fight, leaving Eileen waiting at the altar and Steph on tenterhooks at the airport. Will Eileen become Mrs Phelan, and will Steph and Andy escape Weatherfield?

Eileen’s been planning a secret wedding to Phelan, unaware that he’s still up to his old tricks by blackmailing Andy in Corrie.

When Andy confesses to Steph that he was the one who attacked Phelan in revenge for what he did to his dad, and now Phelan is making him do his dirty work to make up for it, Steph decides they should get as far away as possible from the evil builder and move abroad.

But neither women were banking on the two men having a vicious encounter which could ruin both their plans for a new life…