Corrie’s Sue Cleaver: ‘Eileen’s out of her depth. It’s not going to end well for her’

Coronation Street actress Sue Cleaver says Eileen Grimshaw is ignoring all the warnings about Phelan and his dodgy business and heading for trouble

Until now Eileen Grimshaw has been completely taken in by lover Pat Phelan’s porkies about the luxury apartments he’s building.

But she begins to smell a flat-shaped rat when the nasty-piece-of-work that is Vinny gets right up her nose, actress Coronation Street Sue Cleaver tells Soaplife…

What starts alarm bells ringing for Eileen?
“Alarm bells ring when Rita tells her she’s signed a contract for one of the flats which Vinny then makes out is still for sale – Eileen thinks Rita is being used by Vinny and getting caught up in something that’s not quite right, and so Eileen wants answers.”

How do Phelan and Vinnie explain things when Eileen questions them about Rita’s flat?
“They say that it is just the way business is done. She is out of her depth so she has no choice but to believe them. She totally accepts it.”

Oh no!
“Oh yes! She’s had her head completely turned by Phelan on a romantic level and now he’s made her feel like she’s part of his business empire. She resigns from Street Cars because she’s running away with the fantasy that she’s now a very successful, high-powered business partner. She feels relevant for the first time ever.”

Vinny has a go at her about buying some expensive tiles – what does she make of that?
“She is a little unsure about him and his attitude towards people, but she believes Phelan can handle him. He tells her that you don’t have to like people to be in business with them. She has no idea that she is such a thorn in Vinny’s side though, why would she?”

So she has not the faintest inkling that the property development might be dodgy?
“No she really does think that this is a genuine business deal and she is thrilled she is a part of it. She does know only too well that Todd has reservations about Phelan, but she doesn’t think Todd has any right to question her choice in men. Billy also tells her to be wary, but she doesn’t take any notice of him, either.”

How bad will it get for Eileen?
“It isn’t going to end well, is it? I believe that there is some way to go with this storyline and that we should probably fear for Eileen. I certainly get lots of people coming up to me and warning me off!”


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