Violet’s New Year catastrophe

Violet’s life hangs in the balance when her pregnancy goes tragically wrong! Jenny Platt tells all…

Violet’s pregnancy is about to go wrong… How badly does she want the baby?

When she first discovered she was pregnant she wasn’t sure then I think she hoped the baby would bring Jamie back to her. Once she found out about Frankie, she knew that wouldn’t happen, but she had already decided to keep the baby. She had always wanted to be a mum and knew she couldn’t get rid of her baby.

What goes wrong?

On New Year’s Day she gets pains in her shoulder and Liz sends her home to rest. But the pain gets worse and she just manages to ring 999 before she collapses.

What’s the matter with her?

Her pregnancy is ectopic which means the embryo is growing in her fallopian tube, not her womb. The tube has burst causing bleeding and the shoulder pain is due to pressure of the blood building up.

So the preganancy is doomed?

Totally. There’s no way they can save the baby. In fact Violet nearly loses her life too.

When is she told she’s lost the baby?

When the paramedics find her she’s unconscious and is rushed to hospital. She’s told about the baby when she comes round after an emergency operation.

That’s sad. Is she devastated?

Heartbroken… and there’s more tragic news to come. She’s told she’s lost one fallopian tube and the other is badly scarred, so she may never be able to have another baby.

Jamie’s the dad… Is he involved in her crisis at all?

Sean and Michelle tell him Violet’s been rushed to hospital and he rushes there too. Eileen tells him about the ectopic pregnancy and he thinks they’re trying to save his baby, but she explains it’s too late and that they’re trying to save Violet.

How does Violet feel when she sees him?

He’s genuinely relieved she’s alive and holds her hand and tries to comfort her, but she can’t forget all he’s put her through.

So there’s no chance of them bonding again?

I can’t see that ever happening after the way he betrayed her. But I think they could eventually be friends again.

Who will be her shoulder to cry on then?

Sean probably. She was angry that he knew about Frankie and didn’t tell her but she’s made up with him now. Eileen will look after her too as she’s very motherly.

Violet’s not had much luck since she came to the Street has she?

No, first she got involved with Jason who broke her heart, then Jamie and now this. It’s a shame because she’s a lovely girl!

Is there a man in Weatherfield who’d be good for her?

No – I think they need to bring in Johnny Depp!

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