Vicar Billy killed in Coronation Street? Daniel Brocklebank tells all!

Coronation Street actor Daniel Brocklebank reveals Billy Mayhew’s life hangs in the balance as Peter Barlow takes dramatic revenge after Billy's shock confession…

Christmas should be vicar Billy Mayhew’s happiest time of the year. But fearing he’d bleed to death after being hurt trying to break up a fight, he’s made a dramatic confession to Peter Barlow, putting his life in even graver danger…

What’s the story?

“Feeling he was slipping away, Billy confessed to Peter that he was the person who accidentally killed Peter’s twin, Susan Barlow, 16 years ago in a car smash when he’d been fleeing the scene of a robbery,” actor Daniel Brocklebank told Soaplife. Maybe he expected Peter would forgive him but that’s the opposite of what happens…

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Daniel Brocklebank tells Soaplife how vicar Billy fears for his life when Peter Barlow takes his revenge in Coronation Street

Soaplife: How does Peter react to Billy’s confession and what does he do?

Daniel Brocklebank: “He loses it completely. In some very dark scenes, Peter forces Billy to drink a lot of vodka, then he bundles him into the boot of his car.”

SL: Does Billy think it’s the end for him?

DB: “Yeah, well, he’s not thinking clearly because he’s had quite a lot of vodka and also because of what’s led him up to this point. His head is in a whirl and I don’t think he knows what the hell is going on.”

SL: Does his faith help in any way?

DB: “He does start praying, yes. Well you would, wouldn’t you in that situation – even if you weren’t religious or a vicar like Billy?”

SL: Where does Peter drive to?

DB: “A cliff-edge. We actually filmed it in the Peak District. Once Peter’s reversed the car up to the edge of the cliff and then opens the boot and Billy really does think he’s going to die… especially when Peter says at least death will come quicker to Billy than it did to Susan!”

SL: How was it to film these scenes?

DB: “It was amazing fun. It was more like making a film than a TV show. I had a stunt double, but I did most of the stunts myself. I was black and blue by the time we’d finished, though.”

SL: Does Peter kill Billy?

DB: “That’s a secret. But even if he survives the ordeal, there’ll be lots more trouble to come for him. Adam Barlow won’t react well to the news that Billy killed his mother – accident or not – and I don’t know if Ken Barlow will find it in himself to forgive the man who killed his daughter.”

SL: How did you feel when you heard Billy would inflame the wrath of the Barlows?

DB: “Well, the Barlows are Corrie, aren’t they? To be suddenly involved not only in the history of the show but the history of that particular family is fantastic. It’s incredibly clever writing to bring a character that’s only been in the Street for three-and-a-half and years, and suddenly place him back there 16 years ago.”

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