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Vic Reeves: My Coronation Street character is ‘Mysterious and strange’

Lifelong Coronation Street fan Vic Reeves talks to us about joining the soap as wheeler-dealer Colin, who he reckons is rather mysterious and strange

Vic Reeves has described his Coronation Street character as ‘mysterious and strange.’ And he said his Corrie character will have an “ulterior motive” when he meets newlyweds Norris and Mary Cole.

The actor, writer and comedian has been cast as Colin, an employee of News Co. – organisers of the ‘Mr and Mrs Competion’ that Mary and Norris have entered. He’ll first appear on screens next Monday, September 18th, when Colin meets the couple during a radio quiz.

“Colin is a very mysterious and strange bloke,” the 58 year old told us. “He’s self-obsessed, and always talks about himself in the third person. He believes that he’s alright – but he’s very odd and not as nice as he might think he is.

“He works for News Co, who run the Mr and Mrs competition, and he’s got ulterior motives that will be revealed in time…”

Jim isn’t the first comedian to have taken on a guest role in The Street: Norman Wisdom, John Thomson, Peter Kay, Paddy McGuinness and Ted Robbins are amongst the famous faces who have done a stint on the famous cobbles.

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