Tracy’s dead happy, says actress Kate

‘She may wish she’d done it differently, but Tracy’s glad she killed Charlie,’ says Coronation Street actress Kate Ford.

Tracy thought she was home and dried, but when she’s charged with murder it comes as a bit of a shock…

“Tracy’s stunned. She never anticipated this. But although she was meticulous about setting Charlie up to be violent she didn’t think through the murder itself and that’s where she may have gone wrong.”

So wrong that she’s even refused bail…

“This wasn’t part of her plan. But she keeps up the pretence about how she loved Charlie and never meant to kill him. There’s no way she’ll confess to his murder.”

When her lawyer suggests she plead manslaughter, she insists on a new brief. So is she regretting the murder?

“She may wish she’d done it differently, but she’s glad she did it. It’s not rational, but nor is Tracy. There are moments when what she’s doing hits her but they don’t last long. She’s determined to get off and can’t believe she won’t.”

And will she get away with it?

“There’s a court case to come. But the verdict’s top secret. I don’t want her jailed as that would make it hard for me to come back. But Coronation Street has a conscience so Tracy could be in big trouble.”

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