Georgia Taylor reveals Toyah Battersby delivers Eva’s baby: ‘She is quite literally on her knees receiving the child from Eva’

When Eva Price goes into labour in the cottage, Toyah has to deliver the baby alone, Coronation Street’s Georgia Taylor has revealed.

Toyah has had a longheld dream of having a child with Peter and it finally comes true when Eva gives birth, Coronation Street actress Georgia Taylor has told Soaplife. But it could end up being a nightmare…

What’s the story?

When it comes to spinning webs, they don’t get much more tangled than the yarn Toyah Battersby’s been feeding Peter Barlow about the impending birth of their baby to a surrogate. ‘The lies are getting out of hand, but it’s gone too far to back out now and she’s determined to be at Eva’s side when she goes into labour,” actress Georgia Taylor tells Soaplife. “Eva gets trapped in the cottage where she’s staying, but she breaks down the door and she ends up delivering the baby girl she regards as her and Peter’s!” But will Eva be able to give her baby up?

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Georgia Taylor’s interview with Soaplife about how Toyah Battersby ends up delivering Eva’s baby!

Soaplife: It’s ironic that Toyah delivers the baby!

Georgia Taylor: “There’s real dramatic currency to that… She is quite literally on her knees receiving the child from Eva. Toyah’s terrified, but she knows she must get on with it. It’s like she’s saving her baby’s life.”

Eva with her baby

Toyah is sure Eva will keep her side of the bargain

S: Later, does it worry Toyah about leaving Eva and the baby in hospital?

GT: “No. Toyah is on cloud nine and, at this point, she believes the plan is going to work. Toyah’s so in love with this baby that she’s sure all her dreams will come true. She genuinely isn’t worried about Eva going back on the deal.”

S: What happens when she returns to the Rovers?

GT: “She comes up with a plan to cover her back. It’s far-fetched and there’s a chance Peter won’t buy it, but he’s so overwhelmed by little Suzie – which is what they’ve decided to name her – that he just goes along with what Toyah says.”

S: So Toyah is convinced that the plan has worked?

GT: “Toyah’s jubilant. She’s completely overwhelmed with love and she’s in a bubble. Everyone is so thrilled for them. Ken Barlow’s delighted and there’s a really powerful moment when Peter picks the baby he believes is his. At that moment, Toyah absolutely believes she’s made the right decision.”

S: But then sneaky Simon Barlow tells Leanne Battersby that he thinks Toyah is having an affair!

GT: “Simon found the rental form for the getaway cottage, but she forgets about it when Eva goes into labour. Then it rears its ugly head when Simon tells Leanne he thinks Toyah is cheating on Peter.”

S: How does Toyah feel when Leanne confronts her?

GT: “Awful. It means telling more lies to the person she grew up with and who knows her better than anyone. It just shows how desperate she is.”

S: Can Toyah keep up these lies for ever?

GT: “I don’t know if she can. Things do have a way of coming out. She’s not deceitful, but she’s become so by accident. She has a conscience so there is always a chance she won’t be able to contain her guilt forever.”

S: Would she make a good mum?

GT: “She has lots of love to give and a baby would bring out the very best in her. I think she’d make a good mum. I just wish it was under more normal circumstances!”

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