Todd is horrifically beaten after Eileen stands him up, reveals Corrie’s Sue Cleaver

Coronation Street’s Sue Cleaver reveals to Soaplife that Eileen’s former golden boy, Todd, is about to reach his lowest ever ebb…

Eileen Grimshaw froze out younger son Todd after his dodgy deals nearly ruined big brother Jason’s business, but could she be thawing towards her former favourite son? “Eileen knows Todd wants to make things up to her, but she’s heard his lies so many times before and she is really wary of his fake promises. But when he invites Eileen to dinner at the Bistro, she finally accepts,” Sue tells Soaplife. But then she doesn’t turn up… and Todd finds himself in real danger!

Why does Eileen stand up Todd (Bruno Langley)?
“Well, Jason [Ryan Thomas] reminds her just how Todd and his actions have ruined their family. Jason tells her Todd’s still a game-player and always will be, so she doesn’t meet him for the meal. She is still ashamed of Todd. Eileen’s always prided herself on being a good mum and yet her former ‘golden boy’ has turned out like this.”

But, all alone, Todd’s mugged and beaten…
“And Eileen is absolutely consumed with guilt and horror. She said she would go for the meal and she didn’t turn up. If she had, Todd wouldn’t have been attacked. It’s a mother’s worst nightmare.”

How badly injured is he?
“Todd’s in a terrible state. He has horrific facial injuries and is also extremely angry at what’s happened to him.

How does Eileen feel?
“Her guilt will probably result in her making bad decisions because she feels so guilty. It will be all about Todd and getting him well, but she will want the family to unite again.”

Will Todd ever change?
“This could possibly change him, but not necessarily for the better. The scars are on the outside, but the damage on the inside is going to be much worse. Todd could be very resentful and more dangerous now than ever!”

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