Tina O’Brien: Being a soap mum gave me a headstart

Tina O’Brien has admitted that playing teen mum Sarah Platt in Coronation Street prepared her for being a mum in real life.

“I mean it gave me a certain headstart, like holding a baby and being hands-on with a baby,” said Tina.

“For example, in the middle of the night, the lack-of-sleep feeling certainly gave me a heads-up. That’s always something you can experience when you go through it.”

And the 25-year-old actress added that she hopes Scarlett will have a brother or sister in the future.

“Do you know, before I had Scarlett, I thought that I wouldn’t want more than one child, but I love her that much and I love being a mum that much, and it’s going so fast,” enthused Tina.

“Literally every day I am going: ‘Slow down, slow down.’ I do think I would like more children, yes.”

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