The Street’s Liam mixes business and pleasure

Coronation Street hunk Liam is about to enjoy some overtime with Joanne. Rob James-Collier reveals all…

Kelly obviously has the hots for Liam so how come he gets it together with Joanne?

“He wants a bit of secret, no-strings-attached fun. He knows Kelly being loud and brash would shout it from the roof tops if he started seeing her. Joanne being quiet and discreet is the obvious choice.”

Why does he want to keep their relationship secret?

“There’s no relationship as far as Liam’s concerned. They’re just having a bit of slap and tickle after hours. He wants the thing with Joanne to stay a secret because it’s unprofessional for him as a boss to get involved with an employee, plus if he was to go public about him and Joanne it would be making it out to be much more than it actually is.”

He ‘came out’ about his fling with Frankie Baldwin.

“True. But I still don’t think he would have wanted a serious relationship with Frankie. When that finished he was like ‘There’s plenty more fish in the sea’. He wasn’t that bothered. Like I say, he doesn’t want a proper relationship.”

Why not?

“He’s just that kind of lad. He’s young, successful and wants to have fun. I have a few mates who are just the same. They’re not interested in settling down and neither is Liam.”

Perhaps he has a secret passion for someone? His sister-in-law Carla, perhaps?

“He doesn’t as far as I know! Are you going down the Mitchell brothers and Sharon love triangle route? It’s true Liam and Carla have this love-hate relationship but as far as I’m aware there’s no attraction between them.”

What does he think about Carla?

“He thinks she’s a nuisance, always butting in on the business and having a go at Paul. Liam thinks Paul’s under the thumb and this may be one of the reasons he doesn’t want to get seriously involved with anyone. He doesn’t want to end up like his brother.”

Back to Liam and Joanne… How does she feel about him wanting their liaison to be kept secret?

“She’s a bit bemused by it. Liam keeps blowing hot and cold. One minute when they’re alone he’s all over her, the next he’s virtually ignoring her.”

Joanne’s dating the absent Adam Barlow. How would Liam feel if she dumped Adam for him?

“He wouldn’t be very happy. Another reason he likes Joanne is because she’s already spoken for. She already has a boyfriend so Liam figures he’s safe. If Joanne dumped Adam I reckon Liam would be like ‘What have you done that for?’”

Would Liam dump Joanne as a result?

“Yeah, I can see him doing that for work reasons but also at the end of the day because he wants to be a free agent.”

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