Sue Cleaver: Eileen needs to be happy

Coronation Street star Sue Cleaver has said she finds it frustrating that her screen alter ego Eileen Grimshaw won’t allow herself to be happy.

The single mum has found love with fireman Paul Kershaw (Tony Hirst) but Eileen can’t even bring herself to trust him when he begins acting secretively, and begins following him – only to discover that he was planning to propose to her.

“She really feels she has blown it, she doesn’t see how she can make him realise that she is sorry,” Sue said.

“She would be delighted if he did propose, but I think she really feels that she has ruined any chance of that happening for herself.”

However Sue admitted she would love to see Eileen and Paul become the next Corrie couple to tie the knot.

“I think they make a great couple and this is what is so sad about the way Eileen behaves, if she just sat back and took a look at what she has, she would just get on with it and be happy,” she said.

“Anyone who has been through what Eileen does would find it very hard to accept that things are going well but I would try and tell her to relax and enjoy what she has got and not to jinx it by worrying about things that might never happen.”

The actress added that she does worry about the character ever settling down.

“It would be nice to see her happy,” Sue admitted. “Eileen represents a lot of women who watch the show and it would be lovely for them to see her finally find true love and happiness – but this is soap and maybe Eileen is never going to be truly happy.”

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