Steve’s honeymoon’s over!

They’ve had the honeymoon but Steve’s in no rush to marry Becky reveals Coronation Street’s Simon Gregson.

Steve and Becky are back from what should have been their honeymoon. How did it go?

“Great. They’ve had a nice time and Steve’s more in love with Becky than ever.”

Why isn’t he rushing to set a new wedding date?

“The last wedding day was rushed and it was a disaster. Steve would rather take a bit of time over the next one.”

Where is Becky living?

“She’s in the pub with Steve and Amy.”

How does Steve feel when she gets more involved in Amy’s life?

“Initially he’s OK. He backs her when she says Amy should be allowed to visit Tracy in prison.”

Does the visit go well?

“Amy enjoys seeing her mum, but Becky can’t understand why Steve hasn’t told her what prison is. He’s said it’s a hotel where Tracy works, but Becky thinks Amy needs the truth.”

Does Becky back down?

“Not likely! When the school call because somebody has upset Amy by shouting out her mum is a murderer, Becky goes to collect her. When Amy asks if it’s true, Becky admits it is.”

How does Steve react?

“He is really angry. Steve thinks Amy’s too young to take the truth on board and he tells Becky to butt out.”

How does Becky take it?

“Badly. She tells Steve if he doesn’t want her to be part of his family he can get lost.”

Where does that leave them?

“Becky apologises and says she knows it wasn’t her place to tell Amy but they shouldn’t let that spoil their happiness.”

So do they kiss and make up?

“Steve’s really angry and says Amy has to come first. Becky says that when they get married the three of them can be a proper family together. But Steve stuns her by saying maybe they shouldn’t get married at all!”

How does Becky react to that?

“She’s gutted. She apologises again and explains she did what she did because her dad was a lifer and nobody told her the truth.”

Are they back on, then?

“Steve admits he doesn’t want this to be the end. He suggests they live separately and start dating as they’ve never really done that.”

Isn’t that a backwards step?

“Hardly. Becky moving out barely lasts a day.”

Is Becky right for Steve?

“At the moment yes. But I’m sure he’ll ruin it like he usually does!”

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