Coronation Street star Sonia Ibrahim: ‘Bethany hell as Mel Maguire returns’

Nathan’s partner-in-crime Mel Maguire returns to the cobbles in Coronation Street and it spells bad news for a vulnerable Bethany

Is Bethany Platt in danger when Nathan’s partner in crime, Mel Maguire, unexpectedly returns to the Street? Corrie’s Sonia Ibrahim, who plays Mel, has revealed all to Soaplife…

What’s the story?

We thought we’d seen the last of Nathan Curtis’ evil ally, Mel Maguire, but there are unpleasant surprises all round when Bethany Platt sees her back on the Street. “Mel’s been homeless for a while,” actress Sonia Ibrahim told Soaplife. “So she’s desperate to speak to Bethany when she sees her. Bethany knows what Mel has done, she obviously doesn’t like her and she’s all for phoning the police right there and then. But Mel manages to persuade her to invite her to the Platts’ to hear her side of the story.” Is Mel all she seems or does she have a hidden agenda?

Sonia Ibrahim’s interview with Soaplife about the return of Mel Maguire

Soaplife: Why does Bethany agree to even give Mel the time of day, considering what she put her through?

Sonia Ibrahim: “Bethany’s continuously trying to open Mel’s eyes to how brainwashed she is. Bethany keeps asking her to come to court because she needs her help. The other witness, Lara, isn’t very reliable and Mel knows more about what’s happened, so she can help to put Nathan away.”

S: What’s Mel’s reaction to this?

SI: Deep down, Mel definitely knows it’s right and she should do it. There’s always the to and fro in her mind of whether she should go to court, but that little voice in her head, which is actually Nathan, is just niggling away at her, saying, ‘No – do what I want, do what I want!’”

S: How does Bethany’s mum Sarah react to seeing Mel again?

SI: “She probably wants to hit her for putting her daughter through such hell, but Bethany persuades Sarah to at least let Mel talk and give her side of the story.”

S: What does Mel say to the Platts?

SI: “She tells them she’s had it much worse than Bethany. She says she’s taken beatings for Bethany, and she explains she was Nathan’s first with all this stuff and it just escalated. She’s been through a lot – more than anyone realises. But, deep down, Mel still thinks that she’s Nathan’s one true love. And that’s the problem.”

S: How did you feel when you first heard Mel was coming back to the Street?

SI: “I was obviously very happy, but I knew that there’d be some kind of intention behind it from Mel. But even though there is a reason why she is back, it is good that all of Mel’s story comes out and the Platts get to know everything about her. Or do they?”

S: How’s it been working with the Platts?

SI: “Ever since I started working with Lucy Fallon, we formed a lovely friendship and she’s just such a nice girl. We’ve bonded and that’s good when you’re working so closely with somebody, especially on a storyline like this, which gets quite dark.

It’s nice to be able to have those uplifting moments in between. Working with the Platts, people like Tina O’Brien, Helen Worth and Sue Nicholls, has been so much fun on set. Sometimes I just stand there and watch because I’m still new to it all.”

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