Coronation Street’s Mikey North: ‘Gary turns love rat!’

Coronation Street’s Gary, actor Mikey Graham has revealed that not only is he lying to girlfriend Sarah Platt about his job, he also betrays her with another woman

A battered Gary returns from Ukraine and he finds a sympathetic shoulder to cry on. But it doesn’t belong to girlfriend Sarah! Corrie’s Mikey North talked to Soaplife about Gary’s shock betrayal.

What’s the story?

Arriving back in Weatherfield after another dangerous stint in Ukraine, Gary Windass lies when he tells Sarah Platt that everything’s fine. But he can no longer pretend to his mum, Anna. “Anna spots the injuries on his back when he comes to give Faye a present,” actor Mikey North told Soaplife. “There’s a lot of bruising and Anna demands to know what’s been going on. Gary’s forced to tell her something of what he’s been going through, but he makes her promise not to tell Sarah.” The poor love’s in desperate need of some TLC and, after he loses his rag in the Rovers, it’s Phelan’s daughter Nicola Rubinstein who’s there for him…

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Coronation Street star Mikey North’s interview with Soaplife

Soaplife: Gary ended up confiding in Nicola the last time he was home, didn’t he?

Mikey North: “Yes. He went out drinking one night to unwind and that’s when he met Nicola. He confided in her about what had happened in Ukraine, but then he realised she was Pat Phelan’s daughter and he pulled back. He felt bad he’d told her stuff he hadn’t told Sarah. He’s been trying to make it up to Sarah this time, but he’s clearly got a lot on his mind and he’s just not the same Gary.”

S: What happens when he loses it in the Rovers Return?

MN: He’s extremely on edge and he’s snapping at everyone. Sarah asks him what’s wrong, but he takes offence and he’s really rude to her. He then storms off and that’s when he bumps into Nicola in the ginnel. He’s bleeding from one of his wounds and she says she’ll sort it out for him at her place.”

S: Why does he find it so easy to confide in her?

MN: “She happens to be there at the right time. She’s the only person he’s told exactly what happened in Ukraine, so that’s probably one of the reasons that he feels an attachment to her.”

S: What happens back at Nicola’s?

MN: “They have a few drinks and one thing starts to lead to another…”

S: So he cheats on Sarah?

MN: “He loves Sarah, but in the heat of the moment he isn’t thinking straight. He’s just had a massive row with her and he’s drunk. This isn’t the same Gary and what he’s been through has made him go a bit crazy and it’s also triggered his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.”

S: How does Gary feel when he’s home?

MN: “He feels awful about being with Nicola. He goes back to Sarah’s and, while he doesn’t come clean about Nicola, he tells her what he goes through in Ukraine and the fact that he’s not been letting on how bad it really is. I just hope Gary hasn’t risked his relationship with Sarah over what’s happened with Nicola.”

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