Michelle knows! Will she help Steve get custody of his son in Corrie?

Michelle has found out Steve is the father of Leanne’s baby in Corrie…Now what’s she going to do? And how worried should Leanne be?

You could have heard a pin drop in Nick’s Bistro in Corrie tonight, when Steve McDonald lost all control as he found himself holding Oliver at the baby’s head-wetting party.

“I’m so sorry,” Steve said to wife Michelle. “This is my son.”

And, finally, his secret one-night stand with Leanne Battersby was very public knowledge.

Leanne (Jane Danson) and her fiancé Nick Tilsley, who has told everyone he’s the baby’s father, were horrified, and Steve’s wife Michelle (Kym Marsh) was stunned. She thought her husband was having some sort of breakdown following the recent loss of their own son, Ruairi.

Then the shocking truth dawned on her… The baby Steve (Simon Gregson) was cradling gently in his arms is indeed his son.

As Michelle’s heart broke, Leanne tried to explain that she and Steve have no feelings for each other. That didn’t make any difference. Michelle angrily punched Leanne in the face, her hate for her very clear.

coronation street, michelle mcdonald

Michelle’s hatred for Leanne was written all over her face

Just a couple of hours earlier, Michelle had surprised Steve by telling him she still wants a baby, despite the pain of Ruairi’s death.

Is Steve’s plan now to give Michelle the baby she wants by going for custody of Oliver?

We already know that Nick actor Ben Price has quit Corrie, and Nick will be leaving “in an explosive storyline” says our Corrie source, which will reportedly air over the summer.

What if, now the truth is out, mentally fragile Nick cracks under the pressure and he hits Leanne again?

coronation street, leanne battersby

Michelle left Leanne bloodied…Will she also leave her beaten?

And then what if, as Leanne fights that battle, Michelle discovers Nick is being violent? She’s going to tell Steve that she wants a divorce but she could decide that she and Steve need to stay together to save Oliver…

How? Michelle could launch a custody battle, dredging up Leanne’s history of prostitution and drug abuse and Nick’s violence and making people conclude they’re not fit to look after Oliver.

That would be shocking, cruel and devastating for Leanne. But Michelle would be thinking only of keeping the baby safe… And of getting revenge.

That would result in Leanne fighting for the baby she never thought she would have. And it could lead to her doing something equally drastic and shocking…

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