Coronation Street’s Lucy Fallon: Bethany breaks down and tells Craig who Neil really is!

With her rapist Neil still threatening her, terrified Bethany confides in Craig, reveals Coronation Street star Lucy Fallon

It’s a severe body blow for Bethany Platt when the court case against her abuser Nathan is dropped due to lack of evidence. Then her mum, Sarah, thinks it will help if she asks police officer Neil to call in to help cheer Bethany up!

“Bethany’s horrified and doesn’t know what to do when faced with Neil,” Lucy Fallon revealed to Soaplife. “Not only did Neil rape her, but also threatened to hurt her family if she told anyone. Neil talks to Bethany alone, and threatens her again. She’s terrified, disgusted and really shaken by the time he leaves.”

But trainee police officer Craig is suspicious of Neil and he quizzes Bethany, doesn’t he?
Craig [Colson Smith] can see how Bethany changes when Neil [Ben Cartwright] is around. I think he can sense her fear and discomfort – he knows something isn’t right. He tries to bring it up with Bethany, but at first she doesn’t want to go there and tries to cut him off. She does feel safe around Craig, though…”

And she does eventually tell Craig everything, doesn’t she?
“Yes. Craig won’t let it drop and Bethany’s just exhausted from keeping it to herself. She feels she can trust Craig and she tells him that Neil is Nathan’s [Chris Harper] mate who was at the parties. Craig’s horrified as Bethany breaks down.”

How does she react when Craig threatens to report Neil?
“She’s terrified and she says he can’t tell – she’s convinced people won’t believe her but, more than that, she’s scared of what he could do to her and her family. Neil’s threats are ringing in her ears and she’s desperate to stop Craig from saying anything. But whether he keeps quiet remains to be seen.”

Is Bethany’s ordeal nearly over?
“The ordeal is far from over. The effects of what Nathan has done to her will be seen for a long time yet. At the moment Bethany is still Nathan’s victim – her self-esteem is so low plus she’s struggling with guilt and blaming herself. She’s got a lot to go though before she can see herself as a survivor…”

Coronation Street, ITV

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