Coronation Street star Kym Marsh on how Michelle is saved by Steve this Christmas

Kym Marsh reveals the former Rover’s landlord will give his ex missus a whopping ten grand!

Their relationship may be well and truly over, but Corrie’s Steve McDonald clearly still has deep feelings for ex wife Michelle (Kym Marsh) – because when he finds out this Christmas that she has money problems, he rides to her rescue and gives her ten thousand pounds!

Michelle and current partner Robert have been plunged into debt due to Robert’s recent splurge at the casino. The chef went there to blow off steam after being diagnosed with testicular cancer, and lost everything he had in a poker game.

When Steve – who might be waking up with Tracy on Christmas Day! – finds out from Daniel that Michelle’s in financial difficulty, he lies to his ex that he owes her ten grand due a mistake with their divorce settlement.

Kym Marsh revealed: “Robert doesn’t want to accept any help; he’s a very proud man and wants to do it all himself. There is a worry that they’re going to lose the bistro, and Michelle would be devastated if that were to happen.

“I think Steve does still feel a lot of guilt over what happened between them, and he probably does still feel something for Michelle because they were together for 10 years, on and off. Rather than say ‘Do you want to borrow some money?’ he says ‘I owe you some money.’ She’s very suspicious but she’s very grateful nevertheless.”

But Steve’s generosity won’t go down well with Robert, who is not only annoyed that Steve knows their private business, but angry that Michelle has accepted her ex husband’s offer of help.

Kym added: “Robert feels wounded and has a go at Michelle, saying ‘What are you giving Steve in return?’ Michelle gets very upset abut that and storms out. He’s then forced to apologise because he realises he’s been an idiot.

“She is now marking his cards much more than she has done of late. He’s been quite snappy and she’s put up with that because of his illness. But now, she’s like ’Enough!’”

Pic credit: David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock

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