Killer Phelan is trapped by Luke in Coronation Street reveals Connor McIntyre!

Coronation Street star Connor McIntyre says Phelan desperately tries to cover his tracks as Luke Britton confronts him over his friend Andy…

Pat Phelan’s been getting away with his crimes for far too long but events as we go into 2018 may mean his luck is finally running out. But Phelan is a wily character and still has a few tricks up his sleeve reveals actor Connor McIntyre…

What’s the story?

“To begin with, Seb accepts a job working with Gary, then Pat hears that Gary’s working on the mill conversion where he buried Andy and Vinny’s bodies, and the next thing is that Luke turns up at the mill and starts asking very awkward questions,” actor Connor McIntyre told Soaplife. Is this the beginning of the end for Pat Phelan?

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Connor McIntyre  reveals to Soaplife how Pat Phelan reacts when Luke Britton puts him on the spot…

Soaplife: What are Phelan’s thoughts when he hears Gary is working on the mill conversion?

Connor McIntyre: “You can imagine! Firstly, Gary is on his territory, secondly if there’s a development at the mill, the bodies will probably be discovered. Phelan really has to think of a way to manage this scenario.”

SL: Is he is unnerved or does he just think he think he’ll work it out?

CM: “He’s nervous and so he goes into that problem-solving place in his head. It’s a very dangerous time for him which means it’s a very dangerous time for everyone else.”

SL: Seb moves back in with Eileen and Phelan after Phelan’s thrown him out – how come?

CM: “Because Faye kicks Seb out because he refuses to change his mind about Anna. Phelan agrees to let bygones be bygones once Seb has said he made a terrible mistake by working for Gary. It’s not that straightforward, though.”

SL: Why not?

CM: “An opportunity presents itself with Seb coming back. It’s to do with Phelan’s gun. He has no specific plan but he just sees to it that, if it comes to it, it will look like Seb fired the weapon that murdered Andy and Vinny…”

 SL: How worried is Phelan when Luke turns up at the mill to confront him?

CM: “When Luke finally turns up at the mill, it becomes clear this is not going the way Phelan wants. Luke is determined and knows something’s not right. There lies the big problem for Phelan plus Luke confronts in him in daylight rather than under cover of the night. It only takes somebody to see what is going on and the cat it is out of the bag on all levels.”

SL: What happens when Luke goes to leave?

CM: “There’s a confrontation between Phelan and Luke. Phelan must stop Luke leaving that site at all costs but Luke is younger and fitter and manages to get into his car and get away, with Phelan giving chase.”

SL: Will Phelan keep returning to the mill?

CM: “It is a pivotal place for him because that’s where he crossed the rubicon. The mill is going to become a place where Pat’s future will be determined. The mill holds all the secrets…”

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