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Coronation Street boss Kate Oates: Billy secret link to another resident

Coronation Street boss Kate Oates teases big stories for vicar Billy Mayhew, Phelan and Bethany as she gives us a preview of what's coming up in Weatherfield this autumn

Coronation Street boss Kate Oates has teased a big storyline for Weatherfield’s Billy Mayhew, in which the Vicar will find he has a link to another Street resident.

Billy’s past was touched upon last year, when his previously unspoken about brother, Lee, arrived on the cobbles, and was revealed to be a drug addict and ex con.

Kate said: “We have seen his brother. There are clues in his brother as to elements the story might have. What Billy learns is he has greater links with someone else on the street than he ever thought possible.”

Talking about the Vicar’s current relationship with Todd Grimshaw, Kate added: “Todd always thought that he was the ne’er do well, and it turns out he might not be.”

Billy Todd Coronation

The Producer has also revealed that the storyline involving Pat Phelan holding Andy Carver hostage will gather apace, whilst there’s upcoming plots for the Barlows and Bethany Platt.

“I’m very excited about Phelan – it’s a dark story, but Connor McIntyre plays it so brilliantly,” revealed Kate. “We’re going to have a great story for the Barlows at Christmas, and I feel really engaged with the Bethany story. I think that really grabbed people’s attention over Summer. Is Bethany going to get to court? That’s the big story for us over Autumn.”

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