Corrie’s Jane Danson: ‘I’ve never given birth on screen… It’s weirdly exhausting!’

Leanne Battersby’s waters break just as she’s having a blazing row with sister Toyah, reveals Corrie star Jane Danson

When Leanne unexpectedly goes into labour in Coronation Street, it’s drama all the way.

“She’s been having twinges, but has ignored them, however her waters break just as she and Toyah are yelling at each other – again – over Toyah’s relationship with Leanne’s ex Peter,” Jane Danson told Soaplife.

How does Toyah cope?
Toyah [Georgia Taylor] is a caring person. She’s always had a soft side and this comes out as she tries to calm Leanne down even though they were in the middle of a big row.”

What were the scenes like to film?
“I’ve never given birth on screen before although I’ve done it twice in real life. It was weirdly exhausting. The birth is very different to others we’ve seen on Corrie for reasons I don’t want to reveal or it will give too much away, but it is Leanne’s first baby and the birth situation is not ideal.

“Leanne is terrified, it’s technically difficult and there’s a lot of dialogue, which isn’t usually the case for the person giving birth. Leanne doesn’t make it to hospital and doesn’t have medical assistance so it’s quite intense. But she does have a son she calls Oliver.”

What does Nick make of Oliver’s arrival?
“Nick and Leanne especially wanted to go through the birth together to help Nick [Ben Price] bond with the baby but, because of the way it happens, he isn’t there. As soon as Oliver is born the realisation that Nick is not his dad hits home. Nick will be there for him, but both Leanne and Nick know there’s a big obstacle: Steve McDonald [Simon Gregson].

Is that why she doesn’t add Nick’s name to Oliver’s birth certificate?
“It goes back to the fact that she was abandoned and lied to as a child. Leanne wants to start on the right foot with Oliver. If Nick’s name is on the birth certificate it is a big lie.”

Can Leanne deal with bringing up Oliver so close to Steve?
“She has to. Leaving is not an option and she can only hope he will keep his side of the bargain and stay out of their lives. She is also bringing up Simon round the corner from Peter [Chris Gascoyne]. It’s like an episode of Jeremy Kyle!”

How worried is Leanne about the secret coming out?
“She wasn’t worried until Michelle [Kym Marsh] lost her baby. That changed everything. But it isn’t the one thing occupying her mind. She has so much else going on what with being a new mum.”

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