It’s game over for Coronation Street’s Charlie

Tracy’s been playing a game and so has Charlie, but he has no idea he’s about to lose it… and his life! Bill Ward reveals all.

Charlie’s going to die – and soon… but he hasn’t a clue! He’s enjoying Tracy’s games and reckons he’s the one in control. But the truth is Tracy’s planning to kill him. She’s even been setting him up as an abuser so she can claim self-defence when she does it.

Her games have been getting worse – like her threat to sleep with another man to even the score with Charlie for his affair with Maria.

So why hasn’t he just thrown her out?

Because he’s intrigued. He reckons he’s outwitting her but the opposite is true…

And Charlie’s about to see how well she’s outfoxed him when she gets him arrested?

She deliberately plans it so Charlie mistakes her brother Peter, who’s visiting Weatherfield, for a lover. Charlie comes home to hear Peter’s voice upstairs. He thinks it’s the lover she threatened to take and he goes mad. He drags him down the stairs and out into the street. As they fight Tracy’s screaming at him to stop, but instead of telling him Peter’s her brother she calls the police.

When they turn up Tracy acts scared and asks the police to leave before they make things worse… which arouses their suspicions even more.

Next thing Charlie knows he’s being arrested and banged up for the night.

That must really enrage Charlie.

He’s very angry but secretly impressed too. He thinks this is her revenge and as soon as he’s released he’ll kick her out. He thinks the game’s over but there’s still one more move to come and it will be the last move ever. But even if Charlie knew Tracy wanted to kill him he’d not be scared. He’d never dream she’d have the guts.

If Bill could have chosen, would he have had Charlie leave Coronation Street dead or alive?

Oh he has to die! He’s been so evil he must get his comeuppance. But I’ve enjoyed playing such a flawed, practically psychotic character. I’ll sort of miss him.

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