Fiz’s love lesson!

With word of a prison wedding to come, Coronation Street star Jennie McAlpine reveals Fiz’s first visit to John won’t be the last!

Fiz visits John in prison for help with schooling Chesney. But is that the real reason?

“Good question… Even John says to her ‘There are plenty of teachers in the world, why me?’ She tells him it’s because he’s the only teacher she knows, but deep down she knows it’s just an excuse to see John.”

How does she feel when she sees him?

“It’s not easy. It’s an end-of-episode moment. There’s this big bunch of prisoners and they part and there is John. Their eyes meet but it’s not what you’d call a romantic moment.”

Does John suspect she might be hiding her feelings?

“She makes it clear straight away she just wants to talk about Ches and doesn’t want any funny business.”

But John does!

“He agrees to help with Ches, but just as she’s leaving he reaches out to her and says he still loves her.”

How does Fiz respond?

“She runs out!”

Does she still love him?

“She never fell completely out of love with him, but as yet she’s not prepared to admit it… even to herself.”

She does visit him again though…

“They talk on the phone and Fiz warns he must keep his feelings out of their arrangement.”

Can she forgive him for what he did?

“She’s got to the point where she can understand why he did it, but I’m not sure she’s ready to forgive him just yet.”

Does she tell anyone what she’s doing?

“No because she knows people will judge her. They’ll say it’s a bad idea and she’ll have to admit that they are right.”

Will they reunite?

“Fiz realises she doesn’t want anybody else all the while John is in her heart, which he is. She knows there’s unfinished business between them…”

We’ve heard there could be a prison wedding for them…

“It’s great working with Graeme again and having a new set in the prison. It’s the setting for a lot more to come – that’s all I’m saying!”

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