Finally! Corrie sex abuser Nasty Nathan Curtis has been arrested

It is been one of Corrie's most emotional and controversial storylines, but finally there is a positive pay-off. Nasty Nathan has been arrested! But Bethany may not be safe yet...

It is the moment all Corrie fans have been praying for… Nasty Nathan Curtis has been arrested and cuffed!

The police hunt for Bethany intensified in tonight’s episode, but thankfully she was found before her sex abuser, Nathan, could get her out of the country.

He tried his best to convince Bethany to flee when he found her sitting with a family in a service station. But this time, Nathan didn’t get his way and the police suddenly descended and arrested him.

While viewers hope he’s locked up and the key has been thrown away, nothing is ever so simple on the Street.

Bethany was threatened by Nathan’s creepy copper friend Neil and, while she revealed Nathan had offered her up to other men, she stopped short of revealing exactly WHO raped her.

The pressure is all back on Bethany. Will she crumble or find the strength to tell the truth?

Nathan was originally arrested at the start of the month, but Bethany was hell-bent on protecting him and refused to co-operate with the police.

As the storyline hopefully appears to to be heading towards a close, it will surely be a relief to Lucy Fallon and Chris Harper. They actors have been the focus of the gruesome developments and have spoken about the impact it has had on their lives both in and out of work.

In an exclusive chat with What’s On TV at the British Soap Awards Lucy said: ‘I was overwhelmed and scared but also really excited’ by the storyline.

She has also previously spoken about how her boyfriend refuses to watch Bethany’s dark grooming scenes.

Chris has said how he felt a responsibility to do the storyline justice and met with victims of sexual abuse to prepare for the role. People even approach the actor in the street to discuss Nathan horrific manipulation of Bethany.

Speaking to the Ok! Magazine, Chris said: “It is nasty – sexual abuse is a horrific, life-changing crime – but perpetrators succeed because of people’s shame and fear. It thrives in secrecy. Corrie is a small part in a big movement to stop these predators getting away with their crimes.”

The dramatic Corrie storyline continues on Friday on ITV at 7.30pm.

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