Ex Corrie star Graeme Hawley reveals he’s a killer Northern Soul DJ

He was killed off as John Stape in Coronation Street, but Graeme Hawley is also a DJ and reveals the music in his soul to Soaplife…

It’s nearly five years since John Stape was killed off. Do you still get recognised for playing him?
“Yeah. Weeks might go by without anyone mentioning him to me but then, for no reason, it will all kick off again. Maybe it never really leaves you when you’ve played a character like that in a show like Corrie. I quite like it, though. It means I must have made an impression.”

Do you still watch Corrie?
“Not all the time because I’ve done a lot of theatre in the past year and so I’ve been on stage when it was on. I like to keep up with my old mates, though. It’s the same with Emmerdale…”

That’s right, you were in Emmerdale, too…
“Years ago I was. I played a copper called Martin Crowe who dated Louise [Emily Symons], who ran the Woolpack back then. He left her when he realised her involvement in the death of a former boyfriend. That’s quite ironic, considering the next soap character I played was a murderer!”

When you’re not acting you DJ, don’t you?
“Indeed I do – and I hope to be doing lots of it this year. It was my old friend Jeff Hordley [Emmerdale’s Cain Dingle] who got me into it.”

What kind of music do you like?
“I have broad tastes. I have a soft spot for modern folk music – current stuff, not ‘hey nonny hey ho’ folk. And I love Northern Soul.”

Can you do that crazy, baggy-pants Northern Soul dancing?
“I’m fairly bad at it, although I have a few mates who are absolutely brilliant. Whenever I try it I look like I’m in the middle of a sugar rush fit!”


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