Coronation Street star Catherine Tyldesley: ‘Eva shocked by Aidan wedding day confession!’

Coronation Street's Eva Price plans to reveal Aidan as a love cheat at the moment she’s supposed to marry him, reveals Catherine Tyldesley. But her bridegroom takes the wind out of her sails…

Coronation Street star Catherine Tyldesley on betrayed Eva’s wedding-day revenge and shock confessions

What’s the story?

Eva Price’s revenge on fiancé Aidan is about to reach its climax. “She intends to actually do it at the wedding – for her that is the stage where she finally plans to reveal that he had an affair with Maria and she wants to show him up in front of friends and family,” actress Catherine Tyldesley told Soaplife. But things don’t exactly go to plan. . .

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Catherine Tyldesley’s Soaplife interview

Soaplife: What happens?

Catherine Tyldesley: “Eva’s in shock when, on the morning of the wedding, Aidan confesses about the affair to her. Eva doesn’t reveal that she already knows.”

S: Why does Aidan ‘fess up?

CT: “Because he genuinely loves her. He has never stopped loving her but he just so happened to fall in love with two women at the same time. He comes to find her at the hen do the night before the wedding and says, ‘I love you, I’ve missed you’ and she’s like ‘Oh!’ and they end up spending the night together. Then the next morning he says, ‘I love you so much, I cannot walk down the aisle with this in my heart – this is what I’ve done.’ Eva leaves him wondering whether she’ll turn up or not.”

S: Does she still love him?

CT: “She’s absolutely in love with him but she’s so angry with him. She finally thought she’d found ‘the one’ and he cheated on her – just like every other boyfriend she’s had.”

S: Is she terrified of what Aidan will do when he finds out there is no baby?

CT: “She’s like, ‘I’ll jump off that bridge when I get to it.’ She’s almost convinced herself that she is pregnant. There are a few scenes where one of her sisters goes, ‘But there is no baby’ and she’s like ‘Oh yeah.’”

S: Why is it a double wedding and why she’s gunning for Jenny as well?

CT: “Eva thinks the whole family are in on it. She finds out Johnny knows about the affair, so she goes ‘Well if Johnny knows, they all know, they’ve all been against me, they were all waiting to humiliate me. . .’ This is what leads her to arrange a double wedding – herself and Aidan, Johnny and Jenny. The thought process is, ‘I’m not just gonna wreck your day, everyone’s gonna get it.’”

S: What’s Eva’s wedding dress like?

CT: “I get to wear six identical dresses – I can’t tell you why! It’s a classy number but very tight – wearing it, I actually thought I was going to snap a rib.”

S: Do you think she’ll feel guilty when it all catches up with her?

CT: “Yes. Eva’s got a good heart but she just gets completely carried away. You’ll be amazed at what happens at the wedding – it’s just so good. It’s epic. Six wedding dresses and a stunt double – although I ended up doing my own stunts – is all I’ll say!”

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