Dear Deirdre…

Coronation Street‘s Anne Kirkbride reveals Deirdre’s reaction when she reads Ken’s goodbye letter…

Has Deirdre got any idea Ken’s been cheating on her?

“None at all. She’s so caught up with everything that’s been going on with Peter and Simon she hasn’t had time to stop and think about Ken…”

No niggling doubts in her mind then?

“Perhaps subconsciously but she doesn’t want to go there.”

How does she feel about the way Ken’s been acting lately?

“She’s certainly disappointed in him as she’s had to cope with Peter and Simon and he’s not really been there.”

What does she think he’s been doing?

“Ken’s always had these flights of fancy. He’s always disappearing to the library or to see plays so the fact he’s developed an interest in the canal system isn’t unusual.”

What’s the first sign Deirdre gets that something’s very wrong?

“She reads his farewell letter…”

Then it all clicks into place?

“Ken’s displayed the classic behaviour of someone having an affair and she knows she’s put her head in the sand.”

What does his letter say?

“That he’s met his soulmate in Martha…”

How does Deirdre react?

“She doesn’t scream or shout but she’s irritated. It’s all about him and his feelings. Very selfish. Her reaction’s very different to what it would have been 20 years ago.”

Does she want Ken to stay or go?

“She feels if he wants to go and live his dream life he needs to do it and stop prattling on about it. But she does want her marriage to continue because she knows they’re right for each other.”

Does Deirdre feel intimidated by the idea of Martha?

“Not at all. She knows she has different interests to Ken but that’s why they work together. He teaches her about things and she brings him back down to earth.”

Does the fact he’s cheated before make it worse?

“The fact they’ve both done it makes it easier. Having cheated herself she knows how easy it is to make mistakes. She also knows their marriage can survive an affair.”

If Ken stays, will she make him pay?

“She won’t go out and have an affair herself but she’ll probably have her revenge in a small and dignified way.”

Will it change their marriage?

“You’ll certainly see a different Deirdre…”

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