Corrie’s Simon Gregson: ‘Steve will be facing a huge crisis when he crashes the mini-bus’

Simon Gregson tells Soaplife how Steve’s splashes out on a flash Christmas on Coronation Street – with money he hasn’t got!

You’d think Steve McDonald had won the Lottery the way he’s spending this Christmas. Young Amy is the main beneficiary of her dad’s extravagance but even she thinks it’s weird he’s going so over the top. “As well as all the pressies, Steve even arranges for fake snow to fall on Christmas Day as he’s promised Amy snow,” Simon tells Soaplife. “He’s hoping it will all be a distraction from his depression…”

Is Steve aware of how much he’s over-spending?
“He’s blocking things out – it’s typical behaviour for someone going through what he is going through. He is worried about how he is feeling, but is still refusing to do anything about it. He knows spending the money is wrong, but like everything else he pushes it out of his mind.”

How do Liz (Beverley Callard) and Michelle (Kym Marsh) deal with his OTT behaviour?
“They’re bemused and confused. Steve, however, is so lost in depression he isn’t thinking about the effect he is having on the others who are, by now, beginning to get really worried about him. Michelle is still devastated by his rejection of her and can’t work out why he ended the relationship.”

Does he have the money to pay for his extravagant Christmas?
“That’s another problem he’s going to have to face. He doesn’t have the money and so it’s inevitable Street Cars is going to suffer. I think this will be one of the things that make him realise how bad things have got. He will also be facing a huge crisis in the New Year, when he crashes the mini-bus. Storyline wise, this is the turning point for Steve and it is very cleverly done.”

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