Corrie star Sue: ‘Eileen blows it with Paul’

Coronation Street‘s Sue Cleaver reveals to Soaplife how Eileen’s transformation into a green-eyed monster puts Paul off asking her to marry him!

Eileen’s so used to everything going wrong in her life that she can’t believe it when things go right. So when she finds out the Toni that Paul’s working so closely with is a woman and not a man, she comes over all green-eyed monster and reckons he’s cheating on her when, in fact, he’s planning to propose. “Anyone who’s been through what Eileen’s been through would find it hard to accept that things are going well,” says Sue. Only now they’re not going well. At all…

Why does Eileen get so worked up when she finds out that Paul’s colleague Toni is actually a woman?
“Eileen’s not naturally a jealous person, but she’s so shocked when she learns Toni is a woman that something snaps inside her. She feels this irrational jealousy, especially as it’s Toni who’s organising the Full Monty charity night Paul’s involved with.”

What makes Eileen think Paul’s cheating?
“She thinks Paul’s deliberately kept Toni’s gender a secret from her, when the thought hasn’t even entered his head to mention that Toni is a woman. When Eileen confronts him, he’s totally incredulous at how upset she is, which of course makes her more angry and they end up rowing.”

And then she makes things even worse by spying on him at work!
“That’s Julie’s idea – and not one of her better ones. The fire station is deserted when they get there so Julie decides they should sneak in and try to find a picture of Toni. Paul returns and catches them and he’s furious. He can’t believe Eileen’s spying on him.”

And that’s not the end of it… She accuses him of lying to her!
“Eileen finds out that Paul’s not at work when he said he was going to be and she convinces herself that he’s lying to her because he’s hiding something from her and she tackles him about it.”

And Paul tells her he was planning a romantic proposal and Toni was helping him to choose an engagement ring! Now how does Eileen feel?
“She’s gutted that she’s ruined it. Eileen realises just how stupid she’s been and that in trying to keep hold of Paul she’s now on the brink of losing him. She desperately tries to backtrack, but Paul’s really hurt by her accusations and walks out. She really feels that she’s blown it and she doesn’t see how she can make him realise how sorry she is.”


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