Corrie boss reveals six storylines to look out for this summer

Coronation Street producer Kate Oates has revealed six storylines that are bound to bring some drama to the cobbles this summer.

Coronation Street producer Kate Oates has teased a number of key storylines that will develop over the summer, revealing details of new arrivals, comebacks, romances and a feud or two.

Speaking to HuffPost UK, Kate revealed these storylines are the ones to watch..

Bethany Platt’s ordeal isn’t over yet

Kate said: “The Bethany story isn’t over yet. Even though you will see Sarah, David and the Platts realise what’s been happening and what she’s been going through, it’s not that simple because what Bethany has been through is a process of brainwashing.

“Just because you’re pulled out of danger, doesn’t mean that the lights are suddenly on and she can see what the truth is. There is a little way to go with her story still.”

Eva will get her revenge

Eva still hasn’t found out the truth about her pal Maria’s affair with her boyfriend Aidan, but the big reveal is coming…

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“The Aidan and Maria story is getting very delicious,” Kate revealed. “Eva is about to find out the truth and how she responds to that is very Eva the Diva-ish. There is possibly a long plan of revenge for her.”

Pat Phelan will find himself in the limelight… and there will be a new member of the family

“There is a little twist to his story,” Kate said. “We may discover that all is not as it seems with Phelan. I love him and can’t stop watching him.

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“We are bringing in Phelan’s daughter – a daughter he didn’t know existed. She represents the light to Phelan’s darkness.

“What we will see is Phelan fall in love with the daughter he never knew he had, and possibly wanting to be a better man, which will be a challenge.”

Billy and Todd will become parents

When Billy’s ex passes away, his daughter Summer will be put in Todd and Billy’s care.

Todd, Billy

Kate said: “They’ll be parenting… Todd as a parent, we’ll see how that works out. Summer has been cast and she’s a great little actress. So we’ll have these two guys bringing up a daughter which will bring a very different dynamic to them. Once Todd gets his head around it, there’s some great material.

“We’ll learn also that Billy’s past isn’t quite as straightforward as Todd thinks. Todd can be so bad and Billy at his core can be so good but what I’m interested in is, what was Billy before? He’s quite dark and troubled so that will be interesting to explore.”

Michelle Connor’s ex is returning

Will is coming back to the cobbles! Last time, he provided a test for Michelle – would she cheat or not? This time around, she’ll face the same dilemma but she won’t be the only one because…

Someone from Robert Preston’s past will be back…

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Kate said: “They have got a challenge when somebody from Robert’s past comes back, which will see them facing their first problem together. That will be a test of how strong a partnership they are.

“Michelle’s ex Will is also coming back, so we’ve got two people from their pasts coming in.”

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