Corrie’s Sue Cleaver: ‘Eileen realises Todd’s become selfish and manipulative’

Coronation Street’s Sue Cleaver reveals to Soaplife that Eileen’s joyful welcome home for son Todd is soon worn out when she sees he’s become a bad boy…

Eileen’s really excited about Todd’s return, isn’t she?
“Beyond excited. He’s the apple of her eye! She plans to make a huge fuss of him and she can’t stop herself bragging to Audrey about the brilliant legal career he’s had in London.

So what ruins Todd’s return then?
“The appearance of Todd’s ex-boyfriend, Alex. He turns up before Todd does and Eileen’s stunned. He forces his way into her house and starts saying Todd’s a lazy, selfish, jobless liar. Eileen throws him out because she can’t stand those words being said about her beloved son.”

Then Todd turns up…
“And he doesn’t mention Alex at all. Eileen’s really hurt and confused, especially when he lies to her and Jason and tells them how well he’s doing at work. She’s really disappointed in him. She realises Todd’s only come home as he has no job and nowhere else to go. But she lets him stay.”

Will Eileen always stand by her son whatever?
“She’s very disappointed with Todd and upset that he could lie to her, but he’s her son and she loves him. They’ve dealt with issues in the past and Eileen’s always been there for him. She was very accepting when he came out as gay and just wants him to be happy.”

But Todd’s changed, hasn’t he?
“He’s changed a lot. He’s much more selfish and manipulative and he’s going to cause some trouble on the Street.”


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